Leisure activities

Something for everyone
If you want to leave behind the peacefulness of Casa Lauran, you will also find ways to have a great day with amusement and enjoyment. Acqui Terme is only 10 km (6.2 miles) away from Casa Lauran. And if – from time to time you – you want to be where the action is and enjoy the exciting life of a big Italian city, you can drive to Genoa, Milan or Turin, which can easily and quickly be reached – in an hour or so – via motorway. And if you feel like having a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, you should know that the Riviera is not far away, either.
Those who like going by bike or horse or who simply want to go out for a walk, will always discover the right place. Motorcyclists will fall in love with the mountainous streets of Piedmont, and perhaps they will drive to the tempting, sunny beaches of the Riviera.