Piedmont – the land at the foot of the mountains
This poetic description already tells you a lot about the region in Northern Italy. Its area is almost two times larger than that of Northern Ireland making it the second largest region of the Italian peninsula (after Sicily). Piedmont boats a spectacular landscape, which is teeming with chains of mountains and hills. In the north, west and south Piedmont’s area is framed by the eye-catching Alps forming a gigantic curve with a maximal altitude of over 4.000 metres (about 2.5 miles). The southeast in the other hand is characterized by the “Le Langhe”, which is a vast countryside with narrow hills, where many vinedressers produce the famous wines of Piedmont. Right in this picturesque scenery you can find Casa Lauran.

The part of Piedmont, where Casa Lauran can be found, is the land of truffles, of castles and of the smooth hillsides. But first of all it is the land of grapes, which colour every landscape and the people’s every-day life. Do not forget the Piedmontese cuisine is legendary. This being so, it is no surprise that two modern culinary trends began in Piedmont: Firstly a conscious way of cooking that uses natural but excellent ingredients, and secondly the conscious art of relishing the food – which is simply much more than only eating something. This is exactly what the term “slow food” wants to tell – a brainchild of Piedmontese restaurants. Piedmontese cooks will offer you everything mother nature has to give – hence you will find that in virtually every Piedmontese restaurant two things are a taboo: frozen food and mass-produced food items. So, prepare yourself for great culinary pleasures crowned by the incomparable wines of Piedmont.

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