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Disclaimer – Legal Information

1. Restriction of Liability

This website including all texts and photographs were conceived with the greatest possible accuracy. But the provider does not take any responsibility for the correctness, completeness, and timeliness of the contents supplied. The usage of these contents is carried out at the user’s risk. A text signed by the author’s name reflects the author’s opinion only and not the provider’s one. The mere usage of this website does not bring about any contractual connection between the user and the provider or any other party.

2. External Links

This website contains connections to websites of third parties through so-called external links. The liability of these websites applies to its operators. When the external links were established for the first time, the offerer of the website at hand has checked the contents of the third party websites in reference to possible legal violations. At that time there were obviously no legal violations. The offerer of this website does not have any influence on the current or future concepts and contents of the websites that are accessible by means of the external links mentioned above. The act of providing external links does not mean that the offerer of this website shares the views of those third party websites to which these links are leading to. It is neither just nor reasonable to entrust the offerer of this website with the task of permanently checking the contents of the third party websites in respect to possible legal violations. If the offerer of this websites comes to know that a third party websites violates any law, he will cancel the external link leading to it.

3. Copyright and related protective rights

The contents supplied on this website are the subject of the German copyright. Every use of material protected by the German copyright requires the consent written beforehand by offerer or by the copyright owner. This is especially relevant to the proliferation, editing, translation, storage, processing, modification or reproduction (play back) of contents in databases or in other electronic media and systems. Contents and rights of third parties are marked as such. The proliferation and the transfer of certain contents or whole page is not permitted and punishable without the offerer’s or the copyright owner’s consent. The creation and download of parts of this website are only allowed, if they are meant for the personal and private use without any commercial intent.

The depiction of this website in other and foreign frames is only admissible with the offerer’s or the copyright owner’s written consent.

4. Data protection

The visit of the offerer’s website involves the storage of some user-related information, esp. data about the kind of websites the user accessed and the time when he accessed them. These data are not regarded as personal, since they are processed in an anonymous way. They are exclusively used for statistical purposes. A passing on of this data to third parties, neither for commercial or non-commercial purposes, did not, does not and will not take place.

The offerer of this website explicitly points out that in the Internet the transfer of data (e.g. by means of communication via e-mails) is exposed to security gaps. This being so, the transfer of data in web cannot completely be protected against the interference of third parties.

The use of data from the company details for commercial purposes is explicitly forbidden for all users with the only exceptions being that the offerer has given his consent beforehand, or that there is a commercial relationship between the offerer and the user in question. Hereby the offerer and all the persons mentioned in this website forbid any commercial use and transfer of their data.

5. Special conditions of usage

Insofar as special conditions regarding individual usages of this websites differ from the regulation mentioned in the paragraphs 1 – 4, the offerer will explicitly point this out in the section in question. In this particular case the special conditions of usage are valid.

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